Codi Drake

Chattanooga, TN

Office of Performance Management and Open Data, Chattanooga Mayor’s Office

Expanding internet access is personal for Codi Drake. Growing up in the marshlands of rural western Tennessee, Codi remembers his mother taking time off work so they could go to the public library in town and use the internet there for homework and other needs. A recent graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Codi is remaining in his home state to serve as an American Connection Corps fellow with the Office of Performance Management and Open Data in the Chattanooga Mayor’s Office.

As a fellow, Codi is working to train a robust community of local government practitioners to bring broadband access and digital equity to their work throughout the city. “It’s important for me to stay here in Tennessee because our communities desperately need help in building broadband,” he says. He hopes to expand efforts already in place by the City of Chattanooga and build on the success story they’ve already started to write.

Codi will help the City improve its trainings on equity in broadband expansion, scale its impact, and make sure digital equity is a part of every aspect of the City’s work. Codi, in his words, sees his role as “one of a magnifier, rather than a catalyzer. I want to focus on expanding impacts, iterating efforts, and delivering better services.” In addition to fostering connections with other fellows through their shared goals, Codi is excited to work to close Tennessee’s digital divide and increase access to key government services for all Chattanoogans.


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