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Hosea Born

Magnolia, AR

Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District

Hosea Born cares deeply about rural communities and sees their potential for growth. Originally from Southwest Missouri, Hosea attended the University of Arkansas and moved to Hope, Arkansas after graduating to become an Arkansas Teacher Corps fellow. His time as a middle school teacher and volunteer firefighter showed him how much rural areas have to offer, but that a lack of resources poses challenges to achieving their potential.

To address this challenge, Hosea will serve as an American Connection Corps fellow with the Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District (SAPDD), based out of Magnolia. SAPDD helps communities across 12 counties access the resources necessary for growth. One of Hosea’s goals for the fellowship, he says, “is to help businesses utilize the internet to help grow the community and their own businesses.”

In Magnolia, Hosea will act as a liaison between SAPDD, broadband providers, and the community on broadband development projects, and will help providers and communities determine the financial viability of broadband projects.

In connecting local communities to broadband and helping small businesses identify opportunities for growth and communication, Hosea hopes to play a role in helping “Southwest Arkansas come together and grow.”


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