Kaylan Freeman

Memphis, TN

Innovate Memphis

Kaylan Freeman believes in the importance of staying local, which is why she is serving as an American Connection Corps fellow in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee with Innovate Memphis. Following her graduation from Rhodes College, Kaylan is returning to Memphis to serve the city’s residents by working to strengthen its broadband infrastructure. She sees her hometown roots as an asset to her service, saying, “the most immediate and lasting changes happen on the local level, and it’s only right for those making the decisions on that level to be from the community since they truly know its strengths and weaknesses.”

As a Broadband Coordinator, Kaylan’s primary objective will be promoting broadband infrastructure, “especially in light of the pandemic and a movement to more digital spaces.” She will support Innovate Memphis with communication, research, and messaging for the public, providers, government, and other stakeholders. Kaylan’s goal for her time as a fellow is to promote digital literacy throughout Memphis, particularly “in underrepresented communities in the city through providing access and knowledge to those communities.”

Kaylan’s motivation comes from a desire, in her words, to “do work that matters – work that impacts a community that I’m in.” She’s excited to work with others who have the same motivation, passion and drive to have a positive impact in their own communities.


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