Nathan Palmer

Chicago, IL

PCs for People

With roots in North Riverside, Illinois, Nathan Palmer will continue to serve the state he grew up in as an American Connection Corps fellow with PCs for People in Chicago. After graduating from Western Illinois University, Nathan is thrilled to return to his community and the people who supported him, saying, “My neighborhood and county are filled with people I care about. It is important to me that they and the people they care about are connected and okay.”

Nathan will work with PCs for People, an organization that is partnering with the Illinois Office of Broadband on the Connect Illinois Computer Equity Network to collect, refurbish and distribute electronics to those in need at no cost. He will also be tasked with promoting broadband adoption throughout Cook County and northern Illinois through partnership development and community outreach coordination.

Nathan’s motivation for pursuing this role stems from a recognition of the disparities in broadband access throughout the state, and a desire to change said disparities. In Illinois, “43% of the people affected by the digital divide live in Cook County and 17% of Black and Latinx households are unconnected,” Nathan says. “My goal is to see both of these numbers change drastically.”


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