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In The News • October 14, 2021

#TurnThePageProject featured Hosea Born: Lead For America and Heartland Forward American Connection Corps Fellow

The #TurnThePageProject featured Hosea Born, an American Connection Corps Fellow supported by Heartland Forward and Lead For America, in an interview about the intersection of education and the digital divide.

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In The News • September 30, 2021

Little Rock Partnership with FCC Program Bringing More Accessible Broadband to Those in Need

A partnership was announced between the Southwest Community Center, the City of Little Rock, Little Rock School District (LRSD), Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), and the nonprofit Heartland Forward to increase awareness and enrollment in the Emergency Broadband Benefit.

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In The News • September 30, 2021

Little Rock School District, Mayor Partner to Increase Access to Broadband

The City of Little Rock, the Little Rock School District, Central Arkansas Library System, and nonprofit Heartland Forward are working together to increase awareness for the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

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In The News • September 23, 2021

Duluth Mayor Strategizes with Other City Leaders Nationwide to Improve Broadband Service

Mayor Emily Larson joined a national panel of mayors at the Heartland Forward Connecting the Heartland Workshop to discuss both the challenges and opportunities cities face at this moment in bridging the digital divide.

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In The News • September 22, 2021

Memphis Mayor Says Improving Broadband Access Is A Top Priority

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland took part in the Connecting the Heartland Workshop hosted by the group, Heartland Forward. When it comes to broadband access in the Bluff City, Strickland says 20 percent of Memphians do not have access to high-speed internet, and the 80 percent who do have access get mediocre service.

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In The News • September 2, 2021

Axios: Arkansas campaign aims to get more people discounted internet

A coalition of groups across the state are launching a public awareness campaign to get more Arkansans access to discounted internet thanks to a relatively new pandemic-era program….

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Blog Post • June 14, 2021

How Heartland Forward is Doing Our Part to Bridge the Digital Divide

Heartland Forward is launching an awareness campaign to spread the word about the program and get internet service to those who need it at home.

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In The News • June 14, 2021

NPR: FCC Temporarily Offering Up To $50 A Month For Low-Income Americans To Access Internet

In an effort to close the so-called digital divide, the Federal Communications Commission is temporarily providing low-income Americans discounted Internet access

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